Wall-to-Wall Physical Equipment Inventory

Asset Services performs on-site physical inventories for a variety of sectors. We search every room and look behind every door to locate and identify assets.

Asset Services, Inc. has been providing highly accurate fixed asset/equipment inventories and valuations throughout North America and abroad for over 25 years.

We recognize the only way to maintain a high level of accuracy is to have a full-time team of Inventory Specialists who are trained and knowledgeable in the identification of equipment in each area of an organization.

"The two inventory specialists were extremely thorough. The [Camanche Community School District] principals were also very complimentary, especially of the way the inventory specialists worked with the pandemic safeguards we had in place. We didn’t make it easy for the team, but they were great sports and did what needed to be done."  ~ Rox Aude, Business Director at Camanche CSD

"Asset Services was finished and out of the building before we realized they had begun the process, very professional."  ~ Project Manager, Palomar Health