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Frequently asked questions answered by members of the Asset Services team

Q:Asset Services is performing more equipment inventories for the Travel Center & Convenience Store Industry. How does an equipment inventory benefit these organizations?
A:An equipment inventory benefits two separate divisions within an organization. The Facilities Maintenance Department needs to populate the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in order to ensure equipment is being maintained and repaired as required. Asset Services has discovered that many convenience stores, travel centers, and fuel chains have inaccurate data in the maintenance management systems. Inaccurate CMMS data leads to lost maintenance time as well as the wrong replacement parts being ordered, resulting in lost time and money. An organization’s Finance Department also needs an accurate accounting of all fixed assets for depreciation and financial reporting. Asset Services is unique in that we focus exclusively on equipment inventories and ensuring accurate data is available to upload and validate an organizations Maintenance Management System and Fixed Asset Financial Management System.
Tim Michener

Vice President of Sales and Marketing