Medical Equipment Inventory for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Asset Services is a leading provider of physical equipment inventories for healthcare organizations, performing on-site physical inventories of fixed assets and equipment.

Clinical/Biomedical Equipment Inventories.

Asset Services performs inventories of healthcare technology equipment for Clinical Engineering (CE) departments.

Here are four primary reasons for an organization to perform a clinical equipment/biomedical equipment physical inventory:


  • New CMMS Applications:   When organizations decide to implement a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to maintain their clinical/biomedical equipment, it is imperative to complete an accurate wall-to-wall physical inventory. The success of the new CMMS application is dependent on the data with which it is populated. Asset Services ensures the data is reflective of what the organization has on-hand at go-live.
  • Accreditation:   The Joint Commission has stated that the first step in the accreditation process is completing an accurate inventory. With the focus on performing preventive maintenance on 100% of the organization's equipment, knowing what equipment an organization has on-hand is critical.
  • Outsourcing of Clinical Engineering Functions:   If a CE management firm will be assuming responsibility for the maintenance of clinical equipment, an accurate inventory is vital to ensure the department is staffed with the necessary technicians. Identifying the correct make/model of each asset in the organization ensures that the individuals are certified to maintain each asset.
  • Inaccurate Inventory Data:   Organizations that do not perform periodic equipment inventories, or experience numerous "Could Not Locate" errors (CNLs) during preventive maintenance cycles may find it necessary to perform a system-wide inventory. Asset Services will accurately identify equipment currently on-hand, as well as assets that are missing and most likely no longer under control of the organization.

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Fixed Asset Inventories

Asset Services will work with the finance department to ensure fixed assets are accurately accounted for across the entire organization. Our clients typically request our services when one or more of the following occur:


  • Ledger Bloat:   Assets are commonly carried on the ledger while not actually existing within the healthcare organization, primarily due to improper disposition and documentation.
  • Acquisitions or Mergers:   When a healthcare organization acquires a facility, sells a facility, or merges with another organization, it is good business practice to perform a physical inventory of assets prior to updating the fixed asset ledger.
  • Construction, Expansion, or Relocation:   Asset Services assists organizations with Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO&T) physical inventories. Asset Services performs inventories of existing facilities to aid in determining assets that can be re-used in new facilities. Asset Services also performs wall-to-wall inventories of newly constructed facilities to assist in identifying assets (by room) in order to ensure an accurate baseline inventory.
  • Capital Budgeting:   An accurate fixed asset inventory will identify what an organization currently has on-hand. An accurate accounting of current assets will enable the organization to determine what assets are needed to continue operating smoothly and efficiently.
  • Asset Valuation:   Asset Services can provide fair market value & replacement cost valuations for each item inventoried. Replacement cost is critical to ensure an organization has proper insurance coverage. Fair Market Value (FMV) identifies what each asset is worth on the open market. This information can be helpful when purchasing or selling a facility, or to update the current asset ledger.

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Facilities/Plant Maintenance Inventories

There is a high cost of doing business in the healthcare industry. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP); life support; and life safety equipment are a major portion of that expense. Accurate record-keeping of current equipment is vital to an organization's ability to maintain such equipment.


Industry standards require hospitals to ensure facilities and related equipment are maintained at an acceptable level of safety and quality. These regulations pose significant challenges to the way hospitals currently manage equipment.

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