Our Case Studies

A Case Study is an in-depth study of a project where Asset Services has performed a Fixed Asset Equipment Tagging Inventory service.

Case Study: St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office

Executive Summary: A new coroner is about to take office and the change requires a comprehensive inventory assessment be conducted by a third party of ensure smooth transition and continuity of operations.

Proposed Soution: The solution involved implementing a Wall-to-wall inventory or thorough audit of existing assets to establish a baseline inventory.

Project Planning: Asset Services estimated 2 days. Requested floor plans, escort contract information, and inquired about any specific restrictions in the location.

Project Execution: Asset Services sent 1 Field Tech for this job. Had floor plans in hand. Each asset was assigned a unique barcode label, allowing for easy identification and tracking. Cameras located in the cars that were in the parking lot were added once the inventory began. We accomplished this for the client with no scope change.

Asset Services inventoried 1/3 site per day.

Project Results: The inventory process saved time and resources, allowing staff to focus more on their core responsibilities. By accurately tracking and identifying their assets, the office was able to optimize asset utilization and avoid unnecessary purchases or replacements. Knowing what assets are on their asset ledger helps those taking over the peace of mind. This was very vital in change of personnel. Overall, the project was a success, enabling the Coroner’s office to better fulfill its mandate of investigating deaths and serving the community.

Client Feedback: Client was very happy with onsite Field Tech and with us accommodating added items and staying longer until the project was complete.

st tammany parish coroner's office wehre Asset Services performed wall-to-wall inventory
University of Mississippi Medical center where Asset Serevices performed a wall-to-wall inventory and fair market valuation of building contents.


Executive Summary: University of Mississippi Medical center is acquiring a small family medical clinic. UMMC has conducted business with Asset Services in the past for their equipment and tagging inventory needs.

Key Problem: Before the acquisition takes place, UMMC would like an inventory and Fair Market Valuation (FMV) of
building contents.

Proposed Soution: Wall-to-wall inventory and FMV.

Project Planning:

  • UMMC requested that we work either before or after clinic hours (8 AM-5PM) so that the staff would not be aware of the acquisition taking place.
  • Time frame 1-2 days.

Project Execution:Asset Services sent 1 Field Data Tech for this job. The Field Data Tech used a barcode scanner and tagging of labels to track and identify east asset. Recorded detailed information for each asset, including description, serial number, and model number.

Project Results:The project was completed in one day. Asset Services generated comprehensive reports summarizing
the results of the fixed asset inventory and Fair Market Value which in turn will help make the
acquisition go smoothly. Data was scrubbed and cleaned. A detailed report was sent back to the client
as well as Fair Market Value.

Client Feedback: Client was very complimentary of Asset Services execution of inventory process.” Process went great and fast.” No complaints.