Equipment Inventories In A COVID World

Equipment Inventories In A COVID World

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Asset Services provides on-site equipment inventories at a variety of industries, but primarily for educational and healthcare organizations. So, you can imagine the impact COVID has had on our industry. The entire way we do business has been altered from traveling to client sites, accessing facilities, and complying with every client’s safety protocols. However, once we understood that we would need to be even more flexible than usual, we pulled up our bootstraps, consulted with our clients about the best method for performing a wall-to-wall inventory while being safe, proficient, and accurate at the same time; we have been off and running ever since. How have we adjusted?

  1. Communicated with each client to understand and adhere to their individual safety protocols, whether it be wearing masks, face shields, checking temperatures, obtaining COVID tests, and receiving vaccinations.
  2. Worked evening hours at educational organizations and businesses to limit contact with client personnel. This required communications for client personnel to leave their assets in the open and available to our teams.
  3. Educational organizations who are performing virtual learning has actually allowed our teams to have near unlimited access to facilities, enabling us to move even faster through their facilities.
  4. Performing remote (virtual) inventories for clients who have personnel with assets off-site.
  5. For COVID areas in healthcare facilities, we have had to work closely with the Biomed Departments, COVID unit staff, and Sterilization departments to ensure we are inventorying equipment while not exposing anyone to any undue risks.

What we have learned is that every customer has specific needs and requirements, and we have to adapt to the new way of doing business.

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