Enhancing Fixed Asset Management for Manufacturing Plants and Industry

Fixed Asset and Equipment Inventory Solutions for Manufacturing Plants and Industry Asset Services performs on-site physical inventories of fixed assets and equipment, thereby performing a floor-to-book inventory, which will truly identify what an organization owns or has in their custody.

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Ensuring Accurate Asset Management

Many organizations contact Asset Services to validate their ledger to equipment-on-the-floor. While this may help with auditors or satisfying corporate, what is more important is identifying what an organization truly has on-hand.

The cost of doing business is extremely expensive and manufacturing equipment is a substantial portion of that expense. It is vital to ensure equipment that an organization owns is being used as intended, and to know exactly where that equipment is located.

Asset Services will work with an organization to ensure fixed assets are accurately accounted for across the entire organization.

Asset Services validating their ledger to equipment-on-the-floor
manufacturing inventory of assets performed by Asset Services

Our clients typically request our services when one or more of the following occur:

Ledger Bloat: The asset ledger may not reflect what is physically located in the organization’s facilities. Ledger bloat is a common occurrence, primarily due to improper disposition and documentation. Assets are then carried on the ledger for years while not actually under control of the organization.

Acquisitions or Mergers: When an organization acquires a facility, sells a facility, or merges with another organization, it is good business practice to perform a physical inventory of assets prior to updating the fixed asset ledger.

Construction, Expansion, or Relocation: Asset Services performs inventories of existing facilities to aid in determining assets that can be reused in new facilities. Asset Services also performs wall-to-wall inventories of newly constructed facilities to assist in identifying assets (by location) in order to ensure an accurate baseline inventory.

Capital Budgeting: An accurate fixed asset inventory will identify what an organization currently has on-hand. An accurate accounting of current assets will enable the organization to determine what assets are needed to continue operating smoothly and efficiently.