Fixed Asset and Major Movable Equipment Inventory Solutions for Office Environments

Asset Services performs wall-to-wall fixed asset equipment inventories of office environments including corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit entities.

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Thorough Inventory Services for Office Environments

Our trained Field Data Specialists will search behind every door and in every closet to identify equipment and capture descriptive data pertaining to each asset.

  • Information Technology
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Maintenance Equipment

There are numerous reasons for a physical inventory of equipment for corporate and professional organizations.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Fixed Asset Records should be maintained in order to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


Most organizations are required to provide accurate financial reports on an annual basis. An accurate fixed asset ledger is an integral part of that financial report, as it identifies current assets and their worth.

Considering today’s technology, the worth of these assets is ever-increasing.

Twenty years ago, what would you find in an office environment? A few desks, a few PCs, and a printer? How about now? Servers, laptops, teleconferencing systems, VoIP phone systems.

The value of these assets is far more than they used to be, and having an accurate accounting of these assets is crucial.

Proper Insurance Coverage

A wall-to-wall inventory will identify all assets that an organization physically has on-hand. This will enable the organization to ensure they are properly insured for contents.

an image of computer assets that an office organization would want to inventory for insurance purposes that Asset Services could help provide

Capital Budgeting

An accurate inventory report can be used to identify and plan for future equipment purchases.

Locate Missing Assets and Identify Surplus Assets

During an inventory, an organization may locate assets that were assumed to be lost. They may also identify assets that are no longer in use, thereby allowing for items to be sold.


Asset Services understands the importance of financial accuracy of financial reporting and compliance

Accurate Asset Listing

When organizations purchase and receive assets, typically the asset information is sent to the finance department to be entered into the fixed asset ledger and/or general ledger.

At that point, if the asset meets the capital equipment threshold, depreciation is set up. Then, on an annual basis, depreciation is calculated, and items are assumed to still be owned by the organization.

The problem is that if you assume from year-to-year that your asset list is accurate without verifying, the ledger becomes more and more inaccurate.

Disaster Preparedness

If a disaster struck your organization, would you be able to recover?
When you are trying to recover, time is of the essence and the burdens can be great. Your outlook will be much brighter if you are ready beforehand.

An accurate physical inventory will ensure accurate records for business continuity and proper insurance coverage. A wall-to-wall inventory will provide you with a virtual plan for replacing damaged or destroyed equipment. It will also provide the organization with accurate records to provide to the insurance company to enable easier claim processing.