Wall-to-Wall Physical Asset Inventory

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Streamlining Your Asset Inventory Process

Completing a comprehensive and accurate asset inventory can be a daunting task. Most organizations do not have the staff nor the resources to spare for such an endeavor.

Our team will scour every room and look behind every door to make sure all assets are found and identified.

an Asset Services employee assisting in streamlining the inventory process
an image of a full time inventory specialist scanning in inventory by Asset Services

Field Data Specialists

Our Inventory Specialists are thoroughly trained and experienced in equipment identification, allowing them to quickly recognize and capture all applicable product information. Asset Services inventory personnel have extensive experience in the following:

The cost of a fixed asset inventory is less than you might think.

Who has the time?

The sheer volume of equipment an organization needs to locate and track can seem overwhelming. Finding personnel who can dedicate the time and energy to completing a wall-to-wall inventory can be a barrier to starting this type of major project. Without the right level of commitment, the job may never reach its completion.

Other issues to consider…

  • Who will gather the data?
  • What technology will be used to create the data list?
  • Where will this information be stored?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining the data?
  • How much time can you afford to spend on this project?

 On average, each member of our team inventories enough equipment per year to fill every seat in a professional football stadium.

That’s about 92,000 scans per team member per year, for you non-football fans.

Standardized Inventory Across Departments

The standardization of data ensures a more accurate fixed asset ledger. If there are numerous people across several departments performing the inventory, the data will lack standardized results and will require more time spent “cleaning” the data.